Global Warming: Chasing the Truth

For a very long time, politicians and scientists have said that the average temperature on our planet is rising every year and we should change our way of life style in order to preserve our world for future generations. On the other hand, there is a different group of scientists who affirm that global warming is a myth. Some even go so far as saying governments and authorities know this, but still support it because it distracts the voters’ attention. This debate has always got my attention and I started researching more about it.

What amazed me was how a group of scientists showed how the most reliable sources of temperature data are gathered from the satellites. Their data is gathered from all over the globe, not just from particular areas; it is very accurate and there is no room for human-error. And what do their studies show? That there is no global warming danger.

Previous studies supporting global warming have been gathering data from land-based stations; this particular research method can be inaccurate and only covers a small part of any area, so it is quite hard to make error-free conclusions. I was quite surprised to learn that several of these stations were positioned quite near towns and cities; this particular localization brings so many confounding variables to the table. As well all know, just because statistics can show that something is significant, it does not mean that it can be generalizable to the whole planet.

I recently read articles about how the efforts made by our government to reduce greenhouse gases are very expensive and so far do not provide good results. I can’t help but think about how all the money our government is investing is ending up in the hands of big companies that are connected with clean energies business. Can you imagine what that will mean for you and me?  The average tax-paying citizen will have to contribute even more with even higher taxes to balance the reckless economic decisions. One can clearly see how a small group of people has so much to gain from the mass hysteria caused by global warming.

What if climate change is really happening? Could it really be our fault? Global temperatures have been going up and down throughout Earth’s history; there were times in the beginning of human civilization when it was warmer than it is now. We adapted to decreases in temperature, I am quite certain we can adapt to anything our future brings us.

In my opinion, global warming is just hype. Our government seems to support it, but we have to ask ourselves, why are the authorities so reticent when it comes to looking at the whole picture? I think we should not just believe everything we are being showed. I question issues that are presented to me like supreme truths. In the end, we all know that people in power will do almost everything to reach their ends. Information is our power and knowledge about our geological history can lead us to the truth.

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